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Changelly is a new cryptocurrency exchange point brought to you by MinerGate. You can convert over 10 different cryptocurrencies here and send them straight to your wallet. We put all our efforts to make Changelly’s interface simple and intuitive. However, if you are experiencing any difficulties, this tutorial may help you.

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Let me guide you through the process of changing your coins step by step. I decided to convert my mined BCN to BTC. In this tutorial, I’m withdrawing funds directly from MinerGate account and sending them to my online Bitcoin wallet.

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  1. Go to your Dashboard on MinerGate and select a coin to withdraw by clicking the Withdraw button next to the selected coin. Address and Payment ID should stay blank on this stage of the process, you will fill them in later.withdraw from MinerGate
  2. Enter the amount you want to convert in the Amounts section on Changelly.   Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE!
    amount of the exchange
  3. Enter the address where you want to receive the funds.    Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE! enter the address
  4. Check the details and click confirm.    Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE! check our transaction
  5. Now you need to add your Address and Payment ID to MinerGate. They are written at the top of the transaction page.    Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE! copy addressCopy them and paste to your MinerGate dashboard.   Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE! address, payment id
  6. The process has started. Your transaction is being processed by our system and you will receive the coins as soon as it is accepted and added to the block.   Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE!


exchange completed


Additional exchange tips

Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE!

  • You can check if your transaction has been added to the block using your payment ID that you can find on Changelly.changelly payment IDAlso, you can use the transaction hash from MinerGate.minergate withdrawal historyCopy it and paste it into the search bar of MinerGate’s Block explorer.You can also click “Having troubles” at the bottom of the screen and follow the link to the Block explorer or contact our support team.

having troubles?

  • A couple of words on the Block explorer.
    If you can’t find your transaction there, it means that your transaction hasn’t been confirmed yet.transaction not foundIf you found the transaction, just wait for your coins to be transferred. It means that your transaction has been added to the block and is waiting to be accepted by the system, the funds have left MinerGate account.transaction in the blockchain
  • As soon as the transaction is processed, you can find it in the your History both on MinerGate and Changelly if you ever need to.

    withdrawal history

    1. MinerGate’s Withdrawal history.



    operations history

    2. Changelly’s Operations history.


  • When you perform an exchange, try not to convert too small or too big amounts. Bigger ones may result in a longer waiting time and smaller ones may be rejected by the system.

Exchange Cryptocurrency HERE!