Hackers Release New TV Episodes after Netflix Refuses to Pay Bitcoin Ransom

Photo: Bloomberg

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) has reportedly declined to pay a bitcoin ransom to infamous hackers group The Dark Overlord, resulting in ten previously unseen episodes of its hit show “Orange Is The New Black” being leaked on torrent sites.

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On its social media accounts the hacker group claims to have access to even more unseen TV shows from Netflix, FOX, National Geographic and more, which it will release if their demands for ransom from the firms are not met.


As we reported before, cyber criminals usually ask for bitcoin from their victims due to its wider availability and greater accessibility than most cryptocurrencies, at least to the uninformed general public.

Individuals, corporations, banks, hospitals and even the office of a US state attorney have admitted been blackmailed for bitcoin.

In previous cases hackers and ransomware makers provided detailed explanations about what is bitcoin, how to send it and even how to easily find where to buy it in your local region. In some cases the criminals even operated a call center offering technical and ‘customer’ support to its victims.

Providing some statistics on the extent of the phenomenon, back in June 2016 we reported that 33% of UK firms said they were buying bitcoin in order to be able to pay off future ransomware attackers.

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