A Shocking Fact About Investment on BitBay $BAY: Patient!

Yeah i know that’s not even a shocking fact, but take a look at Bay chart, man none gon’ believe. An investment or accumulation straight for 2.5 years but then boom, you got 10x on that.

Don’t that sounds crazy for you? For me too.

I wish i knew Crypto earlier.

BitBay is a suite of free-to-use, multi-platform applications including the world’s first fully-functional Decentralized Marketplace.

Powered by Unbreakable Smart Contracts and a Proof of Stake 3.0 cryptocurrency, BitBay enables you to buy and sell goods and services securely and anonymously, without the need for middlemen.

This coin has 1,012,146,906 circulating supply and rocking with $17 millions market capital and as ranked #236 on coinmarketcap.com

Here looking at the chart I can tell that history might repeated itself. With good R:R at the current moment i’m targeting those there green lines as my sell orders. Remember, this mid-term game and it ain’t for y’all that loves shortcoming’s unless you’re ejaculat*d too early.

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