Bitcoin VS Coca Cola – Trend Analysis. Dump soon..?

Today we decided to compare crpyto and stock markets. On the image above you can see a Bitcoin chart and the Coca-Cola company chart. The similarity is very obvious, very pity that nothing really unifies them. There are only two similarities: both are assets and, what is more important, both currencies trade people.

The value of Coca-Cola stocks depends on the demand for this company. Let me give you an example. In 2007, Coca-Cola bought a fresh factory in Russian, Moscow (capital city). This action led to a growth in stocks, as the company started covering a large part of the region and began to produce more product, thereby increased profits. However, at the end of 2007, workers of this factory started organizing strikes because Coca-Cola reduced their salaries. The productivity of this factory has decreased, and because of the fact that this factory was the only way for the company to develop in the region, the outflow of funds from the company increased and the stock price began to decline.

If we talk about Bitcoin , the growth of its price can start after the SEC approves ETF. This HUGE event will lead to an increase of the crypto popularity, thereby to an increase of crypto currencies price, mainly of Bitcoin . As you know, the decision about ETF was postponed, due to this nasty fact, the market phase changed from a growth to consolidation, the same price behaviour we can see on the Coca Cola chart. The ETF postponement means an outflow of funds from the crypto-market for a number of reasons:
1. It is early to invest because it is not reliable yet.
2. People fix profits, as there will be no bullrun yet.
3. People fix profits as they will be able to buy back for a lower price

And now we have to take a look at the charts of these currencies. Oscillators follow the same line, the price is a little bit different during some moments, but it is absolutely normal, as it goes inside all major patterns and channels. We can see the identity of up and down trends. The most striking things are the identity of charts after falling: consolidations at the lowest points, a massive pump which led to the breakout of the strong resistance. The drop of Coca-Cola stocks began falling because of almost the same reasons with Bitcoin . Assets are very similar and it would be foolish to deny this fact.

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