BTC-e Claims to Recover Access to its Cryptocurrency Wallets

The official social media accounts of the team behind BTC-e has issued a new update on the exchange’s situation. Giving hope to their former clients, they say that they were able to access their databases and cryptocurrency wallets.

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The BTC-e team also say that at the moment they are evaluating databases and coin balances, and that this information will be made public by the end of next week.

Interestingly, they also confirmed that fiat flow (USD deposits) entered the service via Mayzus Financial Services Ltd (operator of the brands MoneyPolo and OKPAY) and that at the moment this has been stopped.

This seems like a direct response to the official statement by Sergey Mayzus about the matter, which said: “all accounts of legal entities or individuals whom we considered as possibly related to the BTC-E exchange, are blocked, which was properly reported to the financial regulatory authorities. In addition, information about these individuals and legal entities was forwarded to the law-enforcement agencies of Great Britain.”


On Monday we published the news that BTC-e’s website has been taken over by US criminal authorities.

Last week it was revealed that BTC-e faces a $110 million penalty for violating US anti-money laundering laws. Its suspected operator and alleged MtGox Bitcoin launderer Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece by the local police and personally faces a $12 million fine and decades in an American jail.

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