BTCUSD Various Scenarios

A couple of scenarios (most probable first):

1. Teal:

The move down to 3150 is interpreted as a leading diagonal . Once we finish the upward zig-zag correction at around 4600 we will drop below 2000. The character of wave C in the upward zig-zag will be key in differentiating from the more bullish scenario (pink).

2. Pink:

The move down to 3150 is interpreted as the end of a larger wave C and marks the end of the bear market. We are currently retracing a bullish wave 1 which terminated at around 4200. After retracing to 3300-3400 we will enter wave 3 which should break 5000. This scenario is rejected if we move below the recent low at 3150.

3. Yellow:

The move down to 3150 is part of a running flat correction . We are currently in a smaller wave 1 of a wave 3 move down below 2000. This scenario is rejected if we move above 3600 again after retracing to 3300-3400.

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