Dear traders,

i’ve been out for a while, but i am happy to publish some new ideas.

Got Chainlink (LINK) in my portfolio for a couple of months now. Made some decent trades on it, Like 15 – 20 %. The next trade i will make is based on this idea.

Chainlink’s chart show a nice H&S on this timeframe. It broke out and it pullback to. The pull back reached the fibonacci retrace 0.236, what has the same level as the neck line. If it bounces on the neck, definitely a buy opportunity. A little increase in buy volume would be nice to.

MACD looks ready te make a cross upwards.
– Crossing the RSI 50 would make it even beter.

All things together would make it a nice trade, i think.
Possibly upwards potential 30% and down 10% (Risk of return: 3)
Max. stoploss placed under the right shoulder.

I like to hear your thoughts 🙂

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