DAO Management Platform Aragon Announces Technology Redesign

Aragon, a Spanish blockchain startup developing a management platform for decentralized organizations, has announced AragonOS, constituting a redesign of the platform’s architecture. It aims to increase the scalability and upgradeability of projects deployed on the Aragon platform.

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“At Aragon, we are building the first management tool developed specifically to enable a new, more efficient, decentralized model for companies to be created and managed. In order to cater to modular and extendable organizations, we needed to take the next leap,” said Luis Cuende, co-founder and Project Lead at Aragon.

“This latest release overcomes several shortcomings in previous designs which saw many components, such as the implementation of bylaws or voting mechanisms, based too rigidly on the corporate structure of traditional business models. With increased flexibility and reactiveness, this development reflects our bet on governance models and structures that we cannot even grasp now, but that may totally outperform the current ones,” added Cuende.

“The challenge was balancing security and usability, while maintaining an open authorization system used to customize a wide variety of organizations,” said Jorge Izquierdo, co-founder and Tech Lead.

“AragonOS, in all its simplicity, brings us one step closer to realizing our dream of disintermediating the creation of organizations giving people an easy to use and barrier free tool to coordinate and govern effectively,” concluded Cuende.

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