Hacienda claims information to 16 banks on accounts operating with Criptomonedas

The tax agency puts spotlight on Criptomonedas. After organizations such as CNMV or Bank of Spain have warned of risks of investing in bitcoins and or digital currencies, Hacienda has begun this week to reclaim information to more than 60 entities – banks, intermediaries such as exchange houses and or Companies-to learn more about ir operations with bitcoins. Once analyzed information that obtains of se requirements, sources of tax agency warn that y will study if y initiate or not new operations of investigation and control of this controversial sector that in last year attracts more and more attention.

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To credit institutions, Treasury will demand information on bank accounts with a registered office or branch in Spain. This will come after analyzing already obtained by National Fraud Investigation office, one of sections of tax agency, on accounts opened abroad by various exchange houses that operate with bitcoins.

The idea is to find more information about accounts that are origin or destination of transfers with destination or origin in bank accounts of Criptomonedas exchange houses. Hacienda searches for information such as who owns se accounts, number and amount of fees and credit cards and identification of linked boards.

The ten intermediaries to which y are claimed information are exchange houses of bitcoins, entities linked with ATMs or payment gateways. Hacienda will want to know more about its activity, its operations with Criptomonendas and data on buyers and sellers, as well as volume of transactions with this type of currency, exchange rates and commissions applied.

Finally, largest group is more than 40 companies that will be asked for information on payments that ir customers can make in digital currencies. These will be requested data on percentage of billing of se activities, invoices and tickets of se operations. Hacienda will also want to know name of its customers, posting criteria used by companies, exchange rate between digital and traditional currencies and identification of or operations of company with Criptomonedas.

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