Hello Darkness, Litecoin’s old friend.

The legendary Litecoin, during its Crypto days, it’s been through heaven and hell (hell most of the time). Now, this shit coin (whose its creator dumped his bags on investors not a while ago ) is ready for the dark days again.

Looking at the chart, we clearly see no reversal sign whatsoever. No volume , No strong support, basically nothing.
So the question is obviously not “When moon”, but “Is it gonna drop another 35% or 70%”

First strong support ( And I when I say strong, it’s goddamn strong) is at the 20$ level. Look at the green timeline you can see that It will hit that price this or next month. I would lay some buy orders at that area and play the bounce.

But I won’t rule out the 10$ level, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. According to the green timeline, it may get there in late quarter 2 next year.

So, you have the idea, if you’re patient and conservative, just wait til Litecoin gets below 10$ (it may never get there again). Or just take the risk and jump in at 20$, now it’s your decision.

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