John Oliver talking about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

John Oliver y Bitcoin Video
John Oliver y Bitcoin Video

John Oliver’s HBO Show Digs Crypto & Blockchain, Laughs at Bitconnect, EOS in Bitcoin-Themed Episode

John Oliver y Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies
John Oliver y Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

“Discussions of new technology tend to age badly,” John Oliver said as he opened Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, “so that said, tonight we are going to talk about cryptocurrencies,” a topic that combines “everything you don’t understand about money” with “everything you don’t understand about computers.”

Oliver spent the next half hour providing his take on Bitcoin mania, and — though fans of individual projects may disagree — he largely struck a balanced tone on the ecosystem as a whole.

For a mass media program, the segment gave a respectable high-level description of how blockchain technology works, as well as its ability to “possibly improve security, efficiency, and trust.”

However, Oliver noted that the cryptocurrency ecosystem also has a seedy side, as evidenced by pump-and-dump schemesinitial coin offering (ICO) scams — and yes, Bitconnect.


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