SOLVE – initial rally in Dec 18 4000% – close to record low NOW

Hi Guys!

Here is another interesting trading idea.

After launching this coin on Bittrex in December 2018 we could make 40 BTCs just from 1 BTC .

This rally started at around 0.00003000.

The current level is 0.00003900 so we can drop a bit but still be prepared for a massive increase of the price.

Set your alarms. This might be a very profitable trade.

Technical analysis details:

Bullish falling wedge observed

• Only 900 sat over ATL (all-time low)

• This time volume doesn’t reflect correctly price movements

• We crossed last time span between rallies

• Next rally may come very soon

• WBM BUY/SELL – we have to wait till we reach the level of -4 or lower.

• Don’t forget to set your stop-loss

Thank you for your time and reading.

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WBM Team

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The best invention since decades.
Everyone deserves to multiply their assets.
It will influence global economy, environment, nations and us individuals.

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