Some insights

To be honest, as far as i have observed, the bitfinex margin long was opened by Whales mainly but not by small traders. First they have closed all their shorts during the last 2 weeks. And then They used big sell orders to scare the traders and triggered the bots to short, to fill their long orders. If these whales are from exchange its own, we may probably see a nice pump again during the maintenance.
If not, then they will dump the price during the maintenance to kill those longs on bitfinex. This is a hard part to tell at the moment, better to stay out the market until the maintenance is over.
Pump or dump happened during the maintenance will show the true color of these whales, as far as we haven’t passed the HS neckline (4130-4150 ish on bitmex) , the HS pattern is not complete nor valid, so whales can draw any bar they want at the moment. Don’t gamble to open long/short at the moment, p/l ratio is not good at all. If you have long positions already, i suggest you hold that and put SL above entry point.

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