SP500 Short Opportunity by ThinkingAntsOk

The Main reasons to think that a bearish movement is about to star are the next ones:

A) Same situation than the bearish movement in October 2018


observe how the price made exactly the same formation that is doing now, we can use it as a guide to develop our setup on this current scenario.

B)The current Technical situation on the 4hs Chart:

-The price is facing a Resistance Zone
-Volume decreasing ( Weakness of the bullish movement)
-On the resistance zone , we can see a Pin bar on that area (reversal pattern)
-On the 15minutes chart, we can see divergence on the last movement that is making.


Based on this, we expect a bearish movement to start at any moment, if that happens we will be looking for short opportunities on the first Corrective structure out from the ascending trendline .

We will cancel this idea if the price keeps rising above the current Resistance zone .

Updates coming soon!

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