Storm comming

Storm holding bottom support long time, its good message for us in that bloody market.

Accumulate some and wait ;).. Low satoshi coin = big potencial profit..

I’m not a professional trader, but amateur. I do not understand too many technical aspects (trying to learn), and I do not know much formations.
All my analyzes are purely like a hobby. I do not like IF, WHEN in ideas – everyone wants to be right, and after IF – they have…
I share my thoughts here because I enjoy it.
I’m not responsible for your losses, thank you for your understanding.

My own ten (I’d like to follow, I’m working on it):
1. Follow the tenth
2. Patience
3. Modesty
4. No emotion
5. Do not get into the rocket (do not buy pumped)
6. Be on the launch of the rocket (buy dips)
7. Do not buy allin
8. Do not sell at loss – we are in very volatile markets (+/- 3x can get in 1h, often big dump/pump manipulation hit your SL and price is back), its about time – beware of point 5
9. At a big loss (eg -20%+) buy more (dip)
10. Do not forget to live a reality, enjoy it

If you want, for inspiration or profit ;)..
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