Updated longterm chart: BTC always bullish

With all that doomsday feeling going around, I thought I’d update my older longterm chart, with updated, more precise price action.

It still seems that the bottom will be in the low 2000s area, sometime in march/april 2019, then a longer flat period, before the next bullrun.

This time, I looked at the ratio of the previous ATHs to each other, the factors are decreasing apparently each time.
If we’d continue this decreas of x2,25 of new ATH             compared to previous ATH             , we’d arrive at x7,15 increase over the previous ATH             , leaving us at a 143K peak.

Of course this is not super precise, but it indeed is interesting to see, that it would match the resistance connecting the peaks with a curved resistance line, which also points to 100-150K.

So, we’d hopefully go to 3k now, weekly MA200, bounce there, go to 2200-2600 in March/April, then flat, then next bullrun and peak in 2021 with ATH             at 100-150K.
I chose long on this one to emphasize that longterm, I am always long 🙂

So, patience and always think longterm 😉 Then you’ll have a lot of fun in 3-4 years time, hehe!

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